09 Tips for best time management

Time management is a skill that all successful people and good achievers masters very well, and in the following paragraph you will learn some tips that will help you to control your time and your life.

1- Make a written plan

Most of the successful persons, plan their day before the days starts, at the early morning write all your tasks that you want to accomplish before starting anything else. After creating your list organize it by two ways either by sequence (chronological order) or by priority.

2- Create your daily To-do list

The most powerful tool that you can use is a check list, it consists of write a series of steps, in chronological order with consideration of their priority. And remember that one minute spent on the creation of the checklist will save you ten minutes in the exaction and getting things done. See example of checklist that you can use (weekly & daily to do checklist). The best time to write is the night before you sleep to let your subconscious mind to work on your list while you sleep.

3- Eisenhower matrix

Organize your tasks in term of urgency and importance by using this quadrant. According to this figure there is four types of tasks

    • Urgent and important : an important task is something that has long term consequences for your career, and urgent task is something that can not be delayed or put off. So the Urgent and important task are the task that are in your face and you have to accomplish immediately.

    • Urgent, but not important : are the urgent thing that doesn’t contribute in your business or achievement of your goals. Like reading and replying to email or having conversation with someone to do his important thing, those task have to be delegated.

    • Not urgent, but important : those are the task that are important for your businesses and goals but can be delayer and procrastinated upon, for example, a monthly reports that you have to finish before the end of the month, or a course to take to increase your knowledge about your job. Those tasks are to be scheduled wisely.

    • Not urgent, not important : those are the task qualified as time wasters with zero value and have to be canceled an avoided.

5- Concentrate single mindedly

Single handling of the tasks is an essential requirement for all great achievements, you need to concentrate on one task from the start to the end. You have to practice single handling of the tasks and to avoid multitasking.

6- Overcome procrastination

Procrastination is the thief of time and live, you need to

    • Train yourself to do important things immediately and procrastinate on the less value tasks. The high producer procrastinate on task and activities of low or no value, and low producer procrastinate on tasks that have considerable value to their goals and business.

    • Develop a sens of urgency to be one of the most achiever with ability to start on the most important activities and get it done quickly and well.

7- Control interruptions

Unscheduled interruptions are the biggest time waster and most of them are related to the use of the technologies (phone calls, email, SMS …), and you need to turn off all notifications on your devices will you’re working and you can determine a specific time on the day to read emails and replay to calls and SMS. Another kind of interruption is those people who show up in your office for chitchatting, you can minimize their interruptions by getting right to the point and ask them what you can do for them.

8- Batch your tasks

By doing all the similar task at the same time you will learn quickly and the time spent for each task will decrease, for example : reply to all your emails at the same period of time or make a phone calls ate the same time and get to other task.

9- Organize your work space

One of the great time management tools is to work from a clean desk, except from only the single thing that you’re working on. The top professional in every field keep a tidy and highly organized work space at all time.

Printable To Do List

Editable Digital To Do Liste to best manage your time and task sequences